Publicat de: Daniel Preotiuc | decembrie 13, 2010

Recrutari PhD – The Pennsylvania State University

Applications are invited to the College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST: or the  Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE: at The Pennsylvania State University for graduate studies starting Fall 2011.  The College of IST has a (relatively) new, exciting inter-disciplinary program ranked 7th by The Chronicle of Higher Education among information science programs based on faculty productivity index in 2007.  The Computer Science and Engineering department is often ranked among the top departments in the U.S. especially ranking in the top 15 in Computer Engineering.

Research assistantships are available in the Intelligent Information Systems laboratory.  Students interested in my group having interests in text mining, data mining, machine learning, database systems, semantic web, natural language processing, information retrieval, and related topics should email before the application deadline of December 15th.


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